Voice Controlled Blinds

Our voice controlled blinds integrate seamlessly with all major smart home brands. From Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Apple HomeKit and Siri. Simple set-up of your voice controlled blinds means you will be up and running in no time and if you do need a little help with the tech! we have lots of help videos to walk you through the process.

Voice Controlled Blinds Features

Control blinds with your voice, its so easy!
Blackout, Screen and Privacy options available.
Ultra quite motor options.
5 Year Guarantee.

Why Voice Controlled Blinds

Take Total Control

Take total control of your window shading. Use your Alexa or Google assistant to open or close your voice controlled blinds.

Simple to Set-Up

It's so simple to set-up! Simply download the device into Alexa or Google. Add your details and that’s it!

No Clutter

If you have lost your remote control or your batteries have died….”Hey Google close my blinds”!

Types of Voice Controlled Blinds

Electric Roller Blinds


Electric Blinds for Bi-Fold Doors


Other Blind Control Options

From a simple wall switch, remote or app control through to complete voice control systems including Alexa, Google and Siri 
we can help you take control of your window shading. 

Remote Control


App Control


Home Automation


Power Options


Our rechargeable battery blinds last up to one year per charge (based on 400 operations). They also charge in situ 
or from a solar panel


Our hardwired blinds offer 240V or 24V
via a transformer. The motors can be plugged in via a 3 pin plug or alternately wired
to a spur.


For a simple DIY plugin solution we 
offer a 3 pin plug. Alternatively a low 
voltage transformer can 
be supplied.

Consultation Process

Chat To Specialised Blinds
By talking with us at the beginning, at the early stages of your project you can avoid costly design changes or unnecessary delays in the later stages. It’s also at this stage we can showcase products and discuss ideas that will provide value, perhaps even inspiration! something original that truly enhances your project.
Initially please email us some images & rough dimensions. This will help us to understand your windows and assist us in guiding you in the right direction.

Interior Designer or Architect

Please email us any mood boards or visuals for the look and feel of the project along with any window schedules. We would also require drawings for elevations and contributing factors such as solar performance requirements.
t01223 967152

t01223 967152

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